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Peak Fish takes hard to locate, difficult to understand public data and displays it in a way that’s readable and visually appealing.

The everyday data feed publishes a single new chart once per day, 365 days per year @ 0800 hours GMT.

We concentrate on Energy, Agriculture, Carbon, Food, Water, Climate and other commodity resources, and their relevance to the economy. We also follow International Trade, Shipping, Measures of Economic Growth, and Labor markets. Most public data is released in cycles, so Peak Fish typically posts, for example, a fresh run of global energy data once per month. Other annual series are posted as available, throughout the year. Overall, we preference the most recent runs of data.

Feel free to use Peak Fish charts in your reports, data presentations, talks, and slide-decks.

Peak Fish is the data provider to, a monthly ebook/newsletter which covers the macro of global energy. To read commentary on resource data, users are advised to take the publication.

As we expand, we will offer other services in addition to everyday data. While there is certainly enough material to create a chart feed, 365 days a year, there are also key junctures throughout every year when a deluge of data pours forth from various information gathering agencies. It will be the goal of Peak Fish, for example, to create near-real time chart books during these large data releases. As the service rolls out, Peak Fish will offer tiered subscription services. For example, the everyday data feed paired with expert commentary.

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